Build a Better Email & Stand Out In the Inbox

101415_ETOTD_M_BuildaBetterEmailandStandOutIntheInboxThere was a time, not so long ago, when people said email was dead … and then, along came the smartphone. Now even your grandma checks email on her phone, which has led to email becoming 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

But, in order to cash in on email’s marketing potential, you need to stand out in a crowded inbox. Here’s how:

  1. First impressions matter. The subject line is your chance to hook the reader. Keep it short—50 to 60 characters is a good number to shoot for. And avoid sales words like “FREE” to keep your messages out of the spam folder.
  2. Keep it clean. Keep copy short with a clear call to action. You only have a reader’s attention for a few seconds, so get right to the point.
  3. Build emails for eyeballs and fingers. Keep in mind that 91% of consumers open email on their phones at least once per day. Increase font size for easy reading on mobile and allow plenty of space around around buttons for easy clicking.
  4. Work smarter, not harder. There are plenty of email providers out there with great-looking, customizable templates at no cost. Take advantage of them. This frees up time to focus on what’s important—your business and your customers.

By Jon Lein, Manta Email Marketing Manager – October 14, 2015

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