Time Management Hack: Keep a Task Log

For many small business owners, the most valuable resource is time, but there are never enough hours in the day.

“As a small business owner, we play many roles: president, VP of marketing, head of sales, CFO and janitor,” said Lori Dernavich, a New York-based growth stage leadership advisor. “We can’t add more time to the clock as more tasks get added to our to-do list, so what can we do?”

The best place to start, Dernavich said, is to track how you use your time. Start logging how many hours you spend on different tasks for a week or two. “We think we know what we spend our time doing, but more often than not the results will surprise you,” she said.

Once you have a few weeks recorded, review your time log and look for tasks you can eliminate, delegate or automate. You can also look for ways to work more efficiently by creating blocks of time to accomplish certain tasks—but it all starts with your time log.

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