The Plan Collection Announces Home Design 2020 Predictions and Top 5 Current Trends 

(SCARSDALE, NY) – With Americans’ technology-dominated lives, it’s no surprise that today’s home design is following suit. The Plan Collection, the pioneer of online home and design plans, divulges that 2020 home architectural design is trending to accommodate Americans’ busy, technology-driven culture with more space and conveniences in the kitchen – the heart of the home – with “Prep Pantries” and “Command Centers.” The top five current trends are environmentally conscious with a simplistic and modern design of “Zen-Dens,” flex rooms, high ceilings and open floor plans.

2020 PREDICTIONS – Here are The Plan Collection’s 2020 top predictions for new home design concepts:

These new spaces are not just for pouring drinks or storing glasses. Depending on the size, these new kitchen spaces are designed to accommodate countertop appliances (microwaves, coffee makers, etc.), sinks, warming ovens and meal prep areas.
This allows for the kitchen itself to continue as an attractive hub for entertaining. Reminiscent of the butler’s pantry, the beauty of the Prep Pantry is that the mess can be hidden from guests for clean-up later simply by closing the door.
Since large computers are a thing of the past, say goodbye to the computer center or kitchen desk. Command Centers include a plethora of charging stations, convenient ways to hide unsightly charging cords, dedicated space for Amazon Dots, Google Minis and package deliveries, and easy access to iPads or tablets for looking up a recipe or the kids’ school schedule. Until we all have keyless home entry and auto ignitions, there will still be a place in the command center for keys.
“The command center should be centrally located in the home like the kitchen’s ‘household bills desk’ from years past. These days, the mudroom or the “Drop-Zone” is the ideal location to allow everyone in the family easy access to chargers, iPads and keys. As technology has evolved, home plans have followed to address the changing lifestyle needs of homeowners,” said The Plan Collection’s Publishing Director Tim Bakke.

The top five current home design trends include:

ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS DESIGNS – Eco-houses or eco-homes are an environmentally low-impact home designed and built using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs. Once the home plans are determined, environmentally conscious homeowners typically look for the following when building a new home:
Window-to-wall ratio of less than 30%
Maximum wall, roof and foundation insulation
Tight building envelopes so all openings are sealed
Energy-efficient ventilation, heating and cooling capabilities
Water-efficient faucets, toilets, appliances and other fixtures
HIGH CEILINGS – Creating an optical illusion, high-ceilings deliver openness and freedom throughout the home, adding a sense of space and depth.
FLEX SPACES – These versatile rooms can be transformed into different types of space depending on the wants and needs of homeowners. For instance, the space can be used to accommodate young children as a playroom or as a home gym or office.
OPEN FLOOR PLANS – An open floor plan enforces togetherness within a home and creates more free space and fewer obstacles. They typically include a family room, kitchen and dining space that blend into a large open hub.
“ZEN DENS” – A designated area in a home devoted to expanding one’s self-awareness to experience maximum relaxation, Zen Dens are used as a meditation room or a space to practice yoga and – in an open floor plan – a nearby place to “get away” from too

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