Warranty benefits from buying a new home

Buying a new home comes with several benefits. When building a new home, it is built based on current codes and standards. It is also built with the latest energy efficiency guidelines and most up to date materials are being used. When debating on buying a new home versus a used home, consider the fact that with a new home comes several warranties.

A good homebuilder will have several different aspects in ways to assure you of your new home. These are things such as walk-throughs, checklists, as well as indoor and outdoor warranties on your home.

As your new home is being built, there are several walk-throughs that will take place with yourself and the builder. The builder will also do several walk-throughs with inspectors making sure all electrical, plumbing and construction follow suit to the codes set in place. Often you can chose to partake in these walk-throughs with the inspectors should you chose to do so.

Many builders include a one-year warranty along with their homes, which include repairs to the construction of the home that were found after moving in. So if a nail pops up somewhere on your home within the first year, the builder will come out and fix those or any related issues.

A one-year mechanical warranty is also something that many builders give to their homeowners. Within the first year, they will take care of any electrical or plumbing issues that arise.

When it comes to appliances, equipment, roofing and siding, those warranties will be based on the various companies that went into providing their materials for your new home. If there is a defect in the companies materials, generally they will address the problem for you.

A ten-year structural warranty is something that an outside warranty company often administers through the builder. This is a third part provider who will take care of any structural defects listed within the warranty issued and are due to improper building practices by the builder. In most cases to qualify for this type of warranty, the builder has to prove their quality of construction and pass the regulations set. A builder who provides a ten-year structural warranty is a testament to the quality of homes they build.

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