Home Warranty Options Sometimes Limited, but Not Impossible

Mesa, AZ: Home warranties, whether they be the standard warranty offered by builders or an extended warranty available from a myriad of different companies, can be a complex animal. And aside from a situation affecting a Jefferson County homeowner, who found herself in the unique position of having to launch a lawsuit against her builder for constructing a home that was smaller than that which architectural drawings called for, the home warranty takes some due diligence in order to understand the coverages and limitations.

A question posed to a legal columnist in The Arizona Republic (3/9/14) best illustrates that point. A couple purchased a new home in Mesa, Arizona, in 2010 and has since discovered what was described as “significant” structural problems involving a cultured marble shower in the master bedroom. Apart from aesthetic concerns, any potential for water seepage can have serious consequences.

The homeowners, it appears, did not carry home warranty insurance beyond the initial one-year warranty against building defects that is pretty much standard issue for a new home. Not surprisingly, when contacted about the problem the builder refused to make repairs given that four years had passed since the date of occupation by the homeowner, and the expiry of the one-year warranty.





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