Wade Jurney Has No Plans to Slow Down

Deal with Century Communities is a good match, WJH CEO says.

Being that Jurney is always looking to do more with respect to his company, he says that his employees and those closest to him sometimes ask him to slow down. But that’s just not his style. “I’m very impatient and I’ve got an aggressive personality when it comes to going into new markets and getting market share in our segment,” he says.

Rob and Dale are similar, Jurney says, and won’t advise him to slow down like some of his employees. During one of their initial meetings, it was said that Jurney’s model would work well in Texas. “Don’t give me much encouragement,” he quips after the deal is announced, “because I’ll be on a plane to Austin, Texas next week.”

With the financial backing of a public builder, Jurney says WJH will enter new markets faster than it could have on its own. He’s eyeing additional southeastern markets like Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa, Fla., and Greenville and Columbia, S.C. WJH will also look to compliment some of Century’s markets since the two companies sell homes at vastly different price points, for the most part.

“What we bring to the table and what they bring to the table is going to enhance what we’re already doing,” Jurney says.

He’s excited to see what the future holds for WJH. “I look forward to going out there and giving these guys (competitors) a run for their money on more of a national level,” he says.

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