The market is in an upswing

The market is in an upswing. The recovery is real. At the 2013 Housing Leadership Summit, we’ll show you how to capture new opportunities, and transform your operation into a team that thinks and plans expansively, but executes precisely and locally.

  • Leadership: How do you change your company into a fast-learning, sustainably adaptive and agile organization?
  • Design: Ten product ideas that crack the code of process, price, pace and profitability. A workshop session aimed at generating the “what’s next and what now?” design idea opportunities.
  • Land strategy: A focus on submarkets with traction to show what’s working and what can work as home builders and developers look beyond finished lot supplies to raw land opportunity.
  • Finance: Entity-level vs. project level capital. How to crack the AC&D code in early recovery (two case studies on lender/investor motivations as a low-cost-of-money era continues to build need for yield opportunities).
  • Customer focus: Big data, you and your customer. How you can zero in on customers whose new-home needs pair up with your product line.
  • Sales management: Six ways to build accountability into your sales system, from managers to associates.
  • Production: Reducing your cost of complexity. How to profit in short production runs and offer your customer flexible options, from floor plans to finishes
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