6 Reasons to Buy a New Home

When buying a new home there can be so many decisions to make. How much can we afford? What location should we choose? Do we build a new home or buy a used home? Here are six reasons why you should consider buying a new home instead of used home:

New Homes vs Used

1. Safety

With constantly improving building codes, new home builders are kept to a much higher standard today with respect to the overall safety of your home. Many older homes lack much of today’s safety advancements and features. For example, new homes are usually more fire-safe and better accommodating of new security and garage-door systems.

2. Energy Efficiency

One guarantee is that heating and electricity costs will continue to increase with time. Your used home will not look so charming when you receive that first utility bill in the mail. New homes are built with more energy efficient materials and when you purchase your new home from an Energy Star rated builder you will be confident that your electricity bills won’t break your bank.

3. Amenities

With today’s new home communities becoming more and more family focused, you’ll find neighborhoods with clubhouses, pools, playgrounds and more. Unfortunately many older homes were not built with similar amenities.

4. Maintenance

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing a new home is the absence of required “home projects”. Your weekends will involve more time spent doing the things you want and not less time fixing the leaky plumbing or patching holes in the wall. Maintenance is not only time consuming but very expensive, the estimate is around 1% of the home’s value – yearly. That means if your home was worth $200,000 you would have around $2000 in maintenance expenses each year. That can be almost eliminated when you buy new!

New home conveniences - master bathroom

5. Warranty

Most new home builders will offer a warranty with your home purchase. This is comforting to know that for the term of your warranty you will have nothing to worry about if your plumbing starts leaking, or your AC unit stops working. That is the kind of peace of mind that comes with new home construction.

6. Modern conveniences

Have you ever been to your great aunt’s home and noticed that her master bathroom is located off of the hallway of the home and not in her bedroom? Many older homes lack the modern conveniences included in a new home. Features like: master suite baths, integrated wiring, central air, and more…



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