NAHB’s continual efforts to ensure that building codes promote safety and energy efficiency

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NAHB’s continual efforts to ensure that building codes promote safety and energy efficiency  — but always keeping affordability in mind — were on display in April when  the International Code Council(ICC) Group A Committee Action hearings were held  in Memphis, Tenn.

Members can be proud of the hard work of the NAHB and volunteer speakers who testified at the hearings: Of the 259 proposals on which the association took a stand, the committees agreed 81% of the time.  And only 6% of the proposals that NAHB opposed made it through the committee hearings intact.

In Memphis, 1,330 code changes were debated for the non-structural provisions of the International Building Code, International Existing Building Code, International Property Maintenance Code, International Mechanical Code, International Plumbing Code, International Fuel Gas Code and the Mechanical and Plumbing Chapters of the International Residential Code. The ICC Code Development Committees recommended to approve 46% of all proposals submitted.

The work continues as code officials, home builders and indsutry advocates race toward the finish line: The ICC Public Comment Hearings, scheduled for Sept. 30-Oct. 7 in Long Beach, Calif.

We need your help: Members need to continue to state their case to the 815 ICC Governmental members, or jurisdictions who are eligible to vote this year.

Just like last year, many code officials will be voting online using cdpACCESS, which the ICC has provided for officials who can’t make the meeting in person. The deadline to validate all voting representatives is Aug. 30, which means that members have the summer to ensure that potential voters send in all their paperwork —and understand which choices are the most cost effective. A

NAHB’s Recommendations on Critical ICC Code Change Proposals is now available and NAHB’s Public Comment Hearing Voting Guide will be available in mid-September for those code officials who plan to attend the ICC Public Comment Hearings in person.

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