How Do I Engage With Customers on Instagram?



Instagram is primarily a visual platform, used to share photos and videos. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use text to connect with customers on Instagram.

One way to engage your followers is to post a photo along with a question, and prompt your customers to respond in the comments. When they do post a comment, make sure to reply back to them. Make it a conversation.

You should also pay attention to what customers are saying about you on Instagram. If they post a photo with your business location or tag you in a post, you should get a notification. Go to that person’s post and add your comment. You can thank them for their business, and follow up with whatever it is they shared about your company.

Like other social media platforms, Instagram works best when you create conversation and build relationships with your current and future customers.





Video: How Do I Engage With Customers on Instagram?

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