4 Lessons Sellers Can Learn From Customer Service

1. Get in the Right Frame of Mind Before Asking Questions


Lesson: When you initiate your call, keep an open mind. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Explore to discover opportunities, not to place your product.

2. Don’t Put the Contact on the Defensive.


Lesson: To keep the dialog between you and your prospect open, keep your prospect “out of the picture” and turn them into observers when initially gathering information.


3. Make It Personal When the Time Is Right


Lesson: If you want your contact to take action, put them in the experience, describe the situation with them in it, and get them feeling the results.


4. Get information about their environment.


Lesson: If you want to help ease your decision-maker’s mind and make the decision making process easier, help them integrate your solution into their environment. Show them how your offering not only solves their challenge, but it fits in their environment with no trouble at all.



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