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Most people know Angie’s List as a straight-up and popular resource for getting the scoop on service providers: which ones are good, and those you may want to avoid based on member reviews and other criteria. And members have a lot to say about home warranty insurance.

Home Warranty Complaints Top Popular Online ResourceA common theme appears to be that home warranty companies will gladly collect your premiums year after year, but then arbitrarily choose to drop you as a client and decline to renew your policy or contract if service calls become too numerous, or the repairs become too expensive.

To that end, a common complaint about the extended warranty is that the service provider is only interested in covering the consumer so long as they are making a nice profit from collecting premiums, while providing little or no service. Once the service calls start coming and the home warranty provider begins to feel the pinch in their pockets, they’re no longer interested in covering you.

It’s this kind of bad faith insurance behavior that provides fodder for Home Warranty Lawsuits.

Angie’s List notes that of every category, home warranty and extended warranty insurance tops the list of categories that foster the most complaints. The site does note that in many cases the disenchantment is rooted in a failure to understand the basic structure and tenets of a policy – what is covered and what isn’t, and fees or shared costs that might be applicable.

That said, there are plenty of people who remain displeased over the service from their extended warranty provider.

One respondent noted that a major failure of the air-conditioning system while temperatures soared to 109 degrees Fahrenheit did not illicit a response within 48 hours. Five calls were made to the home warranty insurance provider within 20 hours without a returned call. Beyond the obvious discomfort, was concern for the health of an elderly person living in the home.

The respondent noted a 12-year relationship with AHS (American Home Shield), but lamented the lack of service in spite of being a faithful customer. It is not known if the respondent had any designs on filing an American Home Shield lawsuit.

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